• Membership in SNK can be collective or individual. Members are proper and honest.
  • Members of SNK IWA are experts in the field of water management, research, schools, organizations and institutions and students who identify with IWA's main objectives and are willing to support its activities.
  • Membership in SNK IWA arises on the basis of a written application addressed to SNK IWA  and after approval by the SNK IWA meeting and payment of the membership fee.
  • If necessary, the SNK may set up sections or working groups that have their head, however, they do not have independent management.
  • Honorary membership is awarded at the SNK meeting on the proposal of the Bureau for significant merits in the area IWA interest, mainly related to international activities.
  • The members of the SNK have the right to participate in all the events organized by the SNK, to participate in its meetings and to make comments and suggestions on its activities. They have the opportunity to use all information professional materials published by IWA.
  • Members are obliged to adhere to the statutes of the SNK and to pay contributions.
  • Membership in the SNK terminates upon the decision of the SNK meeting if the member knowingly violates the Articles of Association and obligations member of SNK, or has not paid the membership fee for the last calendar year.
  • A member may resign from the SNK on the basis of its own decision, which shall be notified in writing to the Bureau.


name and surname e-mail phone foto
prof. Ing. Štefan Stanko, PhD. +421 2 32 888 280
Ing. Martin Mikita, PhD.
prof. RNDr. Ivona Škultétyová, PhD. +421 2 32 888 600
Ing. Réka Wittmanová, PhD. +421 2 32 888 282


name and surname
Ing. Michal Bartko
Ing. Viera Bezeková
doc. Ing. Jarmila Božíková, PhD.
Ing. Marián Červeňák
Ing. Milan Ďaďo
Ing. Mária Dubcová
Ing. Martin Faško, PhD.
Ing. Tatiana Herchlová, PhD.
Ing. Michal Holubec, PhD.
Ing. Jaroslav Hrudka, PhD.
Ing. Lenka Hrudková, PhD.
Ing. Pavel Hucko, PhD.
Ing. Michal Kačmár
Ing. Rudolf Kočiško
Bc. Marcel Kubík
Ing. Jana Kubíková
Marcel Kubík, ml.
Ing. Kristína Lukáčová, PhD.
Ing. Ivana Mahríková, PhD.
Ing. Peter Majzel
Ing. Ivana Marko
Ing. Marián Martinček
Ing. Michal Marton
Ing. Martin Mikita, PhD.
 Ing. Stanislav Prcúch
Ing. Andrea Raczková
Ing. Gergely Rózsa
Ing. Dušan Rusnák, PhD.
Ing. Vlastimil Rybár
prof. Ing. Štefan Stanko, PhD.
Dpt. Viliam Šimko
prof. RNDr. Ivona Škultétyová, PhD.
Ing. Marek Šutúš
Ing. Milan Topoli
Ing. Miroslav Trizna
Ing. Ján Vavro
Ing. Martin Vavro
Ing. Wittmanová Réka